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January 09, 2015

Dhaka 2

Ok continue from the prev post..
we arrived at our inn at about noon.. so everybody when up get some rest and refreshed..
later we had our lunch.. Dad decide its easier for us to have our lunch there, so Taufiq and Afnan helped us with the menu and alhamdulillah lunch was great..

credit to Nurul Diana

After that we decided to go out and have our first day out around Dhaka..
Huhu all i can say Dhaka was overcrowding.. Jammed everywhere and huhu am scared with the way all the drivers drove their vehicles.. and not to mention their pedestrian... They will cross the road whenever they wanted to and where ever they are.. Honking is a must there.. but with all that they have less accidents on the road.. cool hah...

we're not planning to go far because we are having family dinner that evening...
since Holud was cancelled, they switched it with family and close friends' dinner..
they're planning to also have henna night, which is cool because i love doing henna..
(well actually i love wearing henna... heheehe)

we went to Aarong for shopping, more like window shopping because we're not sure of what to buy actually.. i wanted to buy something to wear to the dinner because the original plan was we (girls) are going to wear saree but due to Holud being cancelled so i decided to follow the theme.. the guys will be wearing blue (a punjabi shirt given to all the guys from Afnan's family as gift)

well that's not really important.. we didn't shop much at Aarong, then we walked to the shops nearby and some of us managed to do some shopping.. 

managed to get something in blue for the dinner.. Yeay!!!!

at around 4pm (their time) we decided to go back and have our rest.. They're 2 hours late from our time...

later that evening

With Nurul, Aunt Ieda and mom

With Taufiq's sis Nashrah

putting some turmeric powder on the the newly wed (haha not so newly laaaa) 
and feed them some desserts

all of us taking turns doing it and it was fun and hilarious especially when we're trying to put the turmeric powder on the bride and groom's face.. hahaha... just joking around..

owh well i dont have any pictures of the food we had that night..
they were delicious and how i wish i had the energy to eat all..
due to tired and jet lag (i guess) so i cant eat alot.. 
soooo rugi... they were all so good and we're not allowed to even share our food
hehe.. they wanted us to have our own plate and everything just to make sure 
we ate all... 

After the ceremony we had out dinner. The briyani was marvelous... I love everything about it... I gained weight during my stay there... 

All of us except for Ean, who was sleeping in Miema's room..


pics credit to Mohd Azlan (my brother)

some are from my collection tho.. hehe... 

pretty ladies in the house.. hahaha

The only pic of food that i took that night.. The food spread was SUPERB!!!! Thanks to our host Nawra Ferdous and Taufiq Omar Hasan, uncle and auntie...

End of day 1...
Get back to the in and rest.. Wanted to vcall my kids but its already late

During one of our video call...


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