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January 07, 2015

Dhaka 1

19/12 - start our journey to KL.. Me, my dad, mom n lil bro. Just the four of us. 
Reached KL Sentral and dad sent his car to his house before meeting us back here. 
Took the KLIA Transit and we stayed at the Concorde Inn.

Our flight was at 715am 20th Dec (lbh kurang laa, x ingat dah) so we checked out from the inn at 530am.. Owh we managed to do some shopping at KLIA2 the night before..

Hehe. So when we reached KLIA there was a longgggg que for BIMAN counter..

yeah that's my bro.. well he's the project manager for this trip.. (not the one in red shirt)
he arranged and settled everything for us..
thanks alot.. next trip?? 

We're the last to arrive (there are 13 of us all together for this special trip) so mom n dad went to look for the rest of the group member and we managed to check in all the luggage and went in. 
Perform our Subuh and quickly make our move but then we found out that our flight was delayed... 

Duhhh all the running..

Yeay.. My fav. Feeling so sleepy but its hard to sleep.. Hehe... i have few more pics of the clouds
but naaaa am not going to post it here.. (surely u have seen so many clouds before right)

And wallah... Finally arrived at our destination.. 

 waiting for our luggage and seriously we thought like we're in a store selling comforters...
like each passengers will definitely have at least 2/3 of these with them..
am guessing its a gift for their family here in Bangladesh but my brother told me he saw
other things wrapped inside the comforters.. 

so some crazy thoughts was maybe they don't bring any bags
with them instead wrapped everything inside the comforters.. haha just a thought.

we're here at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.. Group picture people.. 
owh i forgot we have someone here with us who helped us during our check out.. Thanks alot sir..

Then straight away to our 

Thanks to Afnan, Miema, Nawra, Taufiq and all for the special arrangement.. 
They helped us alot with the itinerary and lots more.. 

Shared the room with mom n dad... 
The weather was quite cold when we arrived and lucky for us 
because its not that cold as what my sis told us before...

Day 1 continued with Holud Night later that evening.


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