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November 10, 2010

Nak gi bercuti tak??

ujung2 tahun nih alang2 dah nak cuti sekolah selalunya family tend to go for a holiday.. yerlah setelah hampir setahun anak2 berusaha belajar bersungguh2 di sekolah dengan tekun dan gigihnya.. so now is the time for them to relax and have some fun.. wpun tak semestinya kena pi bercuti untuk have fun tapi sekali sekala kan..  bawak2lah anak gi tengok tempat orang pulak.. asyik terperuk kat meja buku jer.. naik angin jugak kekadang dorang (bebudak zaman sekarang lain dari kita dulu)

so if u're planning for a holiday.. then u shud plan early.. jgn tunggu esok lusa nak pi berderap harini baru kalut nk plan.. kalau takat nak bercuti di kampung then oklah tapi kalau nak gi mana2 tempat lain (mungkin tak pernah lagi sampai) makanya kenalah buat preparation sikit..

bercakap pasal pi holiday nih aku suka nengok cara kak REDMUMMY kita.. she is very well organized when it comes to going for a holiday.. very the detail one.. pasni kalau nak gi memana nak kena minta rujuk kak Red kitalah.. hehe..

haaa see siap ada currency list lagi tuh, kena ikut kak red lah one day gi jalan2

okeh kat bawah nih pun ada jugaklah info n tips on how to plan for your holiday.. yang nih lebih kepada financial punya plan.. bukan pa takut kang balik jer dari bercuti.. terus tadak duit nak makan.. haa punya sakan bercuti n bershopping.. jadiknya kalau boleh dijadikan panduan silalah ikut.. kalau tak nak ikut pun tak pa.. benda ilmiah nih.. hehe.. boleh digunakan tuk masa hadapan

Holiday budgeting takes time, buy-in from the entire family and discipline. Here's a nine-step plan to make, and keep, a holiday budget. - taken from Yahoo! Finance

1. Decide how much you can spend. Holiday money must come from your current disposable income. If you plan to spend money you don't have, prepare for a credit card bill that could take years to pay off. Ideally, you've saved some holiday money. If not, cut back on extras such as movies, dinners out or coffee drinks until the holidays are over. "There are always things in a budget you can trim back," Williams says.

2. Budget for everything. "There are a lot of things people don't think about," says David Jones, president of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. Gifts, the cost of shopping (gas, parking), decorations, food and drink for parties, greeting cards, postage for cards and out-of-town gifts, travel expenses, holiday-related apparel and charitable contributions should all be in the budget.

3. Make a complete gift list with the entire family present. The list should include everyone — relatives and friends, piano teachers and mail carriers — who must be acknowledged during the holiday season. And don't forget the office gift exchange.

4. Decide who's getting what. For each person, set a firm "no more than" purchase price for that gift. Be realistic:

5. Set expectations with family members, especially children. Discuss reasonable and economically feasible gift-giving tactics with family and friends, such as grab bags, name exchanges or skipping gifts altogether.

6. Start shopping now. Late November and December bring sales, but they also bring crowds and pressure to get shopping (and wrapping and mailing) done.

7. Check your emotions at the store door. When tempted to overspend, remind yourself of what you owe. Shopping when pressed for time; less time in a store usually means fewer purchases. Shopping with a trusted friend who will firmly guide you away from the sale tables, and shopping with cash only can also help curb impulse purchases.

8. Work sales, don't let them work you. If a gift on your list is on sale, buy it. If it's not, "you're buying stuff not on the list and you'll go over budget," says Joseph Montanaro, a certified financial planner at USAA, a San Antonio-based financial services firm.

9. Keep track of spending. "Cash is king," Pay it off in one lump sum. "Don't handicap yourself as you go into the new year," Montanaro says. "It's all about putting yourself in the position to be financially successful."

okeh itu jer nak share ngan korang


  1. bab2 bercuti ni mmg best..selalunya lily ni jarang plan,main redah ja..maybe sebab berdua ja tu yg senang..

  2. haaa betul tuh lily kalau berdua senang lagi..
    sebab tak banyak benda nak pk.. just pack n go..
    tapi nih sebab anak2 lagi nak kena bawak.. so byk benda kena prepare.. hehe