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November 10, 2010

i have lipstick as a chocolate

will be my one of my fav chocs 
they are not only sweet in my mouth
but sweet to my heart

i've ordered my chocs from them
this is my 2nd order..
the first one was my hamper Raya..

School n Macam2 Ada Theme..
sweet kan..
siap ada school bus lagi..

hmm tak sabarnya nak tunggu chocs nih sampai ke tangan aku..

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  1. hehe..
    kan so cute..
    leez.. gilah order ngan dorang..

  2. thanks iena for the entry :) appreciate it a lot. dont forget to submit your best photo with lonia ok. we will announce "moment with lonia" contest soon (when am a little free :))

  3. okeh will do that.. for the time being tengah sabar menantikan ketibaan sang coklat..