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February 24, 2010

Three Tips for Buying Baby Shoes

Right now, the best shoes for your baby are no shoes at all. But what to choose when you do have to cover those tiny tootsies? Read on!

okeh share lagi info berguna about babies.. hehe.. yolah nak dijadikan cerita pregnant n dapat baby kalini ramai jugak kawan2 baru yang aku kenali.. so here goes to all my dearest friends..

As your baby learns to cruise, in preparation for walking, what will help keep her balance is feeling the floor beneath her feet. And despite what Aunt Ethel might tell you, she doesn't need ankle support, either as a prewalker or a new one. Her muscles need room to develop and strengthen all on their own. So stick with socks or booties to keep her little piggies warm when you need to, but let her go barefoot whenever you can.

Still, every tiny tot needs some shoes with style once in a while. For special occasions, you may want to strap on a sweet pair of Mary Janes or a cute summer sandal. Whatever you choose, remember these shoe smarts:

  • Flexibility: Soles should be super-soft. Make sure you can bend and twist them every which way, and even feel your baby's toes right through the leather.

  • Breathability: Speaking of leather — stick to it, or opt for fabric or canvas shoes to ensure those feet get some air. No plastic please!

  • Roominess: Make sure the shoe passes the thumb test — see if you can fit your thumb in between your baby's biggest toe and the end of the shoe (press down on it from the outside while she's wearing it). And then try the pinch test — at the shoe's widest point, you want to be able to grasp a bit of its material between your fingers.


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