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February 24, 2010

bawak bertenang ye ibu-ibu... 7 saja yang diperlukan

apakah tajuk itu.. sesuai ke idak... hehe.. aku rasa ini mmg diperlukan oleh semua yang telah bergelar IBU.. aku pun Ibu so aku tahu amat susah nak cari masa yang sesuai tuk rehat2 diri..

Need a breather? (What mom doesn't?) Here are some easy ideas for a quick recharge.Sure, a weekend at a spa would be lovely, but realistically that's just not going to happen right now. However, you can still decompress and recharge your batteries with these five-minute mood-boosters:
  • Take it outside. Head out for a walk with (or without) your baby in tow. Fresh air and (if you're lucky) sunshine have a way of making everything seem a little less intense.
  • Stretch and breathe. A couple of full-body stretches and deep-breathing exercises will get your blood flowing, reduce muscle tension, and kick-start the release of feel-good hormones in the brain.
  • Write it down. Expressing your thoughts and feelings — even just to your journal — can help relieve pent-up frustrations. Find a quiet spot, be honest, and let the words flow.
  • Put on some tunes. Go mellow or metal, whatever suits your mood but do let yourself get carried away (at least for a few minutes) by the beat, the lyrics, the melody. (Singing along and/or dancing are definitely encouraged.)
  • Yuk it up. Watch a funny movie, call a friend who makes you laugh, or just giggle with your baby. The simple act of smiling can work wonders on your mood.
  • Meditate. Find a peaceful spot, quiet your mind, and close your eyes (or focus on something nearby). Then breathe slowly and deeply, imagining yourself releasing your tension with every exhalation. Visualizing a favorite place where you are calm and happy can also ease frazzled nerves.
  • Snack smart. Ho Hos are a no-no, but low-fat, high-carb foods like whole-wheat bagels or pretzels and air-popped popcorn can trigger the release of soothing brain chemicals (without sabotaging your diet).


  1. yang paling last tu yang paling malatops2 kebabom tuh! he3..

  2. ena suka luahkan di dlm blog - penulisan
    bila dah luahkan dlm blog terus jea happy
    bila baca komen2 yg ditinggalkan rasa happy sgt

  3. betul tu ena.. satu cara baik tuk luahkan n release our tense is through writing.. ala bukan suh esei pun cuma apa yang kita rasa kekadang susah nak cakap so baik tulis kan...

    AreLeEz.. sila amik perhatian akan ayat yang terakhir tuh ye.. jgn sampai diet terganggu.. haha... kalau da makan gitu.. diet ke laut ler jawabnya