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February 16, 2010

susah sangat ke mencari masa yang sesuai

i have to admit.. sejak ada kids around the house.. i would say that i spent less q time with my dearest Hn.. hmm what to do.. with works, house chores... kids.. so kekadang terfikir.. adakah aku telah mengabaikan dia... kadang aku fikir macam ya.. tapi itulah.. kekadang mmg rasa cam tak sempat jer...

mmg terlintas di minda aku tuk buat cam Kak Red dan mungkin juga pasangan lain di luar sana(set a day for just the two of hubby n wifey to spent time together).. serius i wish for that to happen.. tapi aku tak pernah bagitau Hn yang aku mahu itu... sebab aku rasa pasti sukar untuk mendapat jawapan yang aku inginkan.. sebab itu kadang2 aku susah nak minta something from him.. cause i know that it will disappoint me...

so now i thought of sharing these with u guys yang ada same prob with me.. dan mungkin aku juga boleh mencuba

Can't remember the last time you cuddled—with your partner? Then read these tips on squeezing in some romance.While you're showering so much love on your little one, don't forget the other VIP in your life — your partner. Nourishing that relationship is just as important as nurturing your baby (after all, your baby will grow up and leave the nest but your partner is yours for life), so make an effort to stay connected. However, it's one thing to say, and another thing to do, especially when there are so many diapers and bottles and loads of laundry begging for your attention. So just how do you make sure your relationship with your partner doesn't fall by the wayside? The answer is quality time, not quantity, when it comes to connecting with your mate. A few ideas:

  • Grab at least a few minutes together every day. An early morning cup of coffee or a late dinner (after your baby is down for the night) will give you a chance to catch up on what's up.

  • Show affection freely and often. Kiss when you come in, hug when you leave. Stolen moments of intimacy — like sneaking a deep kiss as you pass in the hallway — will help you feel connected despite a hundred distractions (plus, it's totally hot).

  • Shoot for some regular "together time." Schedule a weekly sitter (or maybe switch off on childcare duty with a like-minded couple) and head out for dinner, a movie, or even a drive to nowhere — sans baby. Can't leave the nest? Plan a film fest at home. Rent some flicks, order in, and snuggle on the couch. (Try not to fold laundry tonight — it'll definitely ruin the mood.)
  • Let your husband, not your baby, be the center of the universe for a while. Unless there's a safety issue, your little one can wait a minute while you finish speaking with (or kissing) your spouse. Your child will not only learn to be patient, but he'll see that you respect and love his daddy.
  • Remember, communication is a major step toward intimacy. If you're feeling lonely, undesirable, resentful, or anything else, talk about it with your spouse before your emotions snowball into a big icy boulder sitting between you.

so to all my beloved friends... let's make sure that our love is always there.. jangan biarkan ianya semakin pudar.. aku sayang kamu..


  1. suka suka suka post ni...mmg at time susah sgt nak cari masa nak berdua2 dgn hubby. tp kena jgk kan...at times if rasa hari tu mmg layan afiq je, dh mlm nnti letak rafiq dlm cot n layan dia pulak borak....penat kan jd wife? a lot of sacrifices but in the end, we're rewarded insyaAllah. thanks for the tips....

  2. waaa sara... da baca.. hehe.. tulah i found the entry interesting n bagus untuk dikongsi.. tulah need to sacrifies alot.. and patience is important