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February 17, 2010

adakah aku makin segan nak tulis entry

erksss benarkah tajuk entry aku ini.. adakah aku sudah kekeringan ide untuk menulis... arggghhhh tidak.... hehe... over pulak di situ.. bukan per.. aku nih buat entry ini kira auto publish.. time aku ada masa aku copy n paste dulu info.. tapi nanti kang bila aku sempat tuk online n berada di depan keyboard untuk menaip semula aku akan tulis cerita-ceriti kisah kehidupan aku n anak2.. hehe.. takdelah kang kosong laks blog aku nih.. tadak cerita kan... adehh cam ler fofular sangat.. hehe..
so untuk entry kalini khas utk ibu2 yang lepas bersalin n rasa cam selebet n selekeh sangat ler penampilan selepas tuh kan.. (aku rasa aku agak tidak bersiap sejak lepas bersalin nih) bukan ler perlu berbelanja gah n menjadi sengkek dek kerana sebuah make over.. tapi ni idea mudah tuk simple make over selepas bersalin.. cubalah mana tahu kan kot berhasil

Try these tips for sprucing up your new mom looks and lifting your (sleep-deprived) spirit.
You may still be working on whittling off those pregnancy pounds, and there are probably days when you look like the (very tired) bride of Frankenstein. So no one deserves a little pampering more than you, right? Here are three easy ideas to boost your looks (and your outlook!).
  • Take care of your hair. Is it completely fried? Or limp, lank, and lifeless? Get thee to a salon, woman! A deep conditioning and a good cut can help restore your locks (and your faith in mankind). If you gave up coloring your hair all those months ago and haven't had the time (or the energy) to tend to your roots, now's the time. And while you're in a maintenance mode, be nice to your nails with a manicure and/or pedicure! - hmm lama jugak dah aku tak gi cuci n trim rambut skit.. sayang nak potong pendek.. ingat kalinih nak try simpan panjang sikit.. tapi tengoklah camner nanti kan..

  • Rev up your complexion. Like most new moms, pregnancy hormones and postnatal stress may be taking a toll on your skin in the form of acne, dry patches, red spots, oily splotches, and general weirdness. To the rescue: a pore-cleansing, dead-cell sloughing facial, either at the spa (lucky you!) or in the comfort of your own bathroom. Once your face is glowing again, seal the deal with a new shade of lipstick, blush, or eyeliner, or splurge on a high-end moisturizer and cleanser. - boleh buat sekali harung dengan hair makeover.. gi buat facial pun best nih.. tapi tulah kena gi carik pulak masa yang sesuai.. for the time being aku guna product garnier for facial cleanser, elianto for toner n moisturizer, make up campur2.. tengah rajin2kan diri make up for school, gi kuar jalan2 n why not make up for being at home kan..

  • Put a little wow in your wardrobe. Chances are you're stuck in a sweatpants rut right now — practical, yes; sexy…definitely not. Well, a few well-chosen items can make a big difference. Maybe a slim black jacket to glam up just about anything, including your favorite pair of jeans? Or perhaps some lacy underthings or a sleek new bag (no diaper bags allowed!). The trick is to buy one or two items that make you happy every time you wear them. - adehhh camner ye.. i dont really know what i want to wear n what are mhy styles right now.. the highlighted one is important i think.. betul tak


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