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April 13, 2015


my grandma passed away on Friday... after a tiring week of the inspection.... 
right away after the meeting ended, i went back home and packed my stuff,
brought along Aisyah and Afi.. my sis inlaw and her husband sent us to Kepala Batas..
thought of driving but Hn didn't allow me...

reached Kepala Batas around 830pm and rest for awhile, had our dinner
and later off to pick my brother at Kulim.. around 11 something we started our journey 
back to Tg Karang.. Dad was not feeling well so my brother had to drive the car...
dont know what happen and suddenly we're lost.. we're supposed to move south but 
maybe we made a wrong turn and keep going up north.. we know something was wrong when
we kept on seeing signboard to Taiping.. huhu... dahla guna jalan lama so u know the road was 
so dark and its already 1am.. nobody else was on the road except for us...

alhamdulillah we managed to reach Tg Karang before Subuh and all slept in the car...
huhu.. yeah we dont want to bother everybody else in the house.. right after Subuh
barulah masuk umah.. everybody was there reciting surah Yasin.. sebak...

i didn't cry but the moment my uncle stop reciting the doa (for arwah) and he cried, my tears
dropped... everybody cried.. huhu..so everything settled at around 11 am..
 then we took our time to chat with each other and later had our lunch...since we really need to rest
so dad decided to go to my brother's place to rest.. and later that night went back there for tahlil. 
only mom, iwan, lan n nurul attended tahlil, dad was not well, plus i dont think taking along the kids
there is appropriate.. kekdahnya kami di rumah saja.. kaki abah bengkak tak tahu kenapa..

sunday morning, gerak balik Kepala Batas then malam Hn dtg singgah amik kami balik.. 
still tired.. hmm fizikal n emosi...

- orang susah nak faham apa yang kita nak..


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