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March 18, 2015


 my baby girl is not feeling well today..when i left her early in the morning, she's still ok.. but when i arrived at school and an hour later Hn text-ed me asking for Aisyah's mykid number...

her temp was 38.1 at that time... its weird tho but yeah who knows when we're going to be sick... finished my class at 1230 and rushed back home but they're still on their way back from MIL's place...

she was ok at that time but suddenly she vomited.. only water... she didn't cry at first but more to being shock seeing what happen and later when i asked her to go to the bathroom to clean her up then she cried a bit..

she just woke up.... And yeah i had to stop writing played with her and fed her med.. Syukur alhamdulillah i think she's better now.. 


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