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February 25, 2015

our first ECC


so yesterday, we had our Perlis English Champs' Camp.. it was organized by the Fasilinus and us as the committee member for our year 3 kids who are still unable to complete K1 and K2.. basically they're are still unable to recognized the letter of the alphabets and also its sound..

it was a 2 day camp and yesterday was the 1st.. we had some opening ceremony by a representative for our YB and bla bla.bla.. we dont really pay attention to the speech because we're here for the kids..

taking pictures with two adorable friends Mrs Jenna and Mrs Fauziah...
both are my mentors in my journey of teaching English

the program started with a phonicrobic.. we use the letter sound song and the alphabets song and moved to the beat.. haha... not really an aerobic but yeah the kids and the teachers do sweat and well prepared to start out next activities... we have about 34 kids from few schools and they were then divided into 4 groups.. 

our objective is for the kids to be able to identify and recognize the letters (not in the alphabetical order) and alhamdulillah i think we've achieved that... below are some of the pics of activities conducted by the teachers.. hehe... yours truly like always (be the penyibuk sepanjang masa) hahaha.. hehe.. i didn't get to set up any station because me n teacher Fauziah were assigned to help all the 4 stations during the 2 days camp..

some board games and block blending activities

letter arranging and segmenting activities

the kids get a lot of stickers for being cooperative and actively involved in every 
activities held in all the stations.. they even got others extra rewards.. well we're not giving
them 'rasuah' to participate.. we just want them to be happy and at the same time enjoy
their time there and learn something...

next camp will be tomorrow, with different kids and hopefully we're going to have more fun... huhu am going to leave the kids (my pupils) again.. waaaa not good eh but yeah i know they'll do fine with other teachers replacing me...


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