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January 18, 2015

Dhaka 5

Starts our day with a healthy western breakfast... Hahah, yeah bread and jam, 
coffee plus fruits. The grapes we bought from a stall when we're in Old Dhaka the day before..

Happy faces because we're going to continue some shopping before the 
reception that night..

Baby Ean is such a good baby.. 
We're not planning to go far because we know that the traffic will be our major problem so Nawra
told us to only shops nearby.. 

Chandni Chowk Market

our destination....
A shopping center is a combination of different types of shops at a single place. It’s also called as shopping mall, shopping precinct, shopping arcade, etc. There are different types of shopping centers are available and many of them are specialized for different category. Basically Chandni Chowk MARKET is best place for local fabrics and Jewellery Shops. Chandni Chowk Market, east across the street from New Market.

its like a shopping heaven.. well for some it is.. because everything is affordable and the choices.....
so we went to the top level (if i'm not mistaken because some of us need to use the restroom)
and later we went for our window shopping and looking for stuffs..

the level we're on were the whole sale level.. so we cant really negotiate the price.. because we're
not buying in bulk.. so we went to the third level.. i think it was the shoe, bags and saree sections.. 

this was the only shop that we entered and we spent alotsssssss here..
hehe.. yeah we only bought saree.. 
i wanted to buy some salwar khamiz and etc but we didn't find the shops.
opppssss wait, we did foundsome shops but we're surveying for prices and later forgot about it..
bla bla... so yeah we only spent our money here.. mom bought alot of saree, i bought some too... 

but still i wish for the cotton materials...

 this is not from me. i Google it.. yeah thats the things i'm talking about.. 
(when my sister is going back to Dhaka i'll ask her to buy me these)

owh yeah, i will remember this one moment 
when the owner of this saree shop talked to me during our negotiation
he called me her daughter.. hahaha.. dont know why but he's being so kind and even prayed for
my health and safety.. due to that reason he even gave us some good prices for the saree.. i'm not sure
whether or not the price is cheap but hey he's nice, and treat us good, willing to take all the
fabrics from the shelves just so that we choose which one is good or not.. 

me on the busiest road at Chandni Chowk, Dhaka...
once done shopping here, i think we went to a restaurant for our lunch..

another good restaurant.. and yes our waiter knows how to speak Malay..

the menu.. and the dessert...
i like this one.. its called firni...
i had to look into the menu to find the picture because i didnt capture any..

some good information from a bottle..

i think thats it for the day.. and later we went back to our house and get some rest
before getting ready for the night... we (girls) even went to a parlour to get ready..
haha.. well i would like to know what's it like to be in the parlour (saloon)

my sister were there since 3pm and we arrived at about 5pm,
she still has not finished her make up
huhu.. that long hah...
only mom n me had our make up done that day.. hehe... so sorry to my sis in law and aunt
(for being there and not having any thing to do)
feel so bad.. just because i wanted to feel what its like to be in a parlour and i drag them with me..

only had the eye make up done at the parlour...
a nice experience


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