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October 13, 2014

Our Eidul Adha

Holla semua... sorry for being silence.. hehe super duper busy i guess.. works, kids, more works and life but its weird not posting something here.. so here goes my Aidiladha story... Yeah its been like a week or 2 already 

our first Eidul Adha was with my inlaws.. Hn decided to have Aisyah's aqiqah here (yeah after 2 years) so as usual after the solat.. changed our cloth and wallah the qurban n aqiqah began.. the kids got the chance to watch how it happen but not the whole process because its raining cats dogs.. huhu the whole morning was a rainy one and then its stopped in the afternoon but then it continued until night...

no pictures for our eid this year.. every body was busy.. hehe.. later that night we headed back my mom's at Kepala Batas.. everybody was there.. we reached mom's place at 1130 something.. everybody was asleep except for my brothers.. lucky for us because we didnt have the keys to the house...

2nd day of eid..
dad organized 'kenduri masuk rumah'.. so we have our qurban at the back of the house.. the kids are excited to watch from my bedroom's window.. while us ladies were busy in the kitchen preparing the menu.. just a simple one... soup, air asam, ulam2 and daging masak kicap.. owh not to forget kerabu perut.. hehe.. just look the those chillies.. they're freshly picked from my uncle's garden.. next to our house (mom's house) 

around 11am we have the marbahan team in the house. reciting surah Yassin, marbahan etc.. the ladies in the house.. alhamdulillah everything went well as planned..

cant remember what time i had my lunch but it was late.. simply because i dont feel like eating plus i have a lot of beef already (not really but i just dont feel like eating) so i'm not taking rice just the lauk pauk..yeah that was my plate.. full with only lauk2.. i love the air asam.. huhu.. and owh the kenduri went well until late that evening.. alhamdulillah lauk2 semua habis... and we have saved some of it for dinner..

lastly this is us.. the iron ladies fo the day.. hehe.. my cousins, my aunts, my family.. i love being with them.. i had to take this because am feeling that its been a while not having all us ladies in one picture.. its not easy to have everyone here in the same day.. syukur alhamdulillah for your blessing and giving us the chances to be together again..

so thats it.. hehe..
owh i'm trying to use English now.. yeah i know i'm not that good with words but at least i'm trying.. no specific reason just tyring....


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