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October 25, 2014

Kalam Jamaie 2014

i forgot to story about our trip to Lumut, Perak..
hehe.. our school once again were selected to represent Perlis for Kalam Jamaie, Peringkat Kebangsaan (national level laaa kot kan).. 

last year we when to Terengganu and this year its Perak turn to host the event..
alhamdulillah even though we didn't manage to get the top 3 place but it was a good exposure for the kids..
this is the 2nd year for my girls.. 
mudah2an they got some benefits from it.

start our journey from school at 9am and rested to had breakfast at RnR Gurun..

 arrived safely at around 4 pm and got check in at the Best Western Hotel..
nice.. everything is there.. 
later that night we had our rehearsal session.. huhu our state got the perform first..
well... being the first to perform means that we had the advantages and also the disadvantages..
but nonetheless, the kids had done their best..

helped out with getting the girls ready for the event..
you see when u're the first group to be on stage means that you need to start really early..
the event starts at 8am.. breakfast served at 7am and we need to get 25 pupils ready on time..
just imagine... 

the big day.. and this is our seating... 

later that evening.. after Majlis Tadarus al-Quran (in the same hall) we went to visit some 
interesting places in Lumut.. huhu..
i'm not that well that day.. been having headache since early that morning..
manage to stay in the hall until 10 or 11 am and then off to the room 
and get some sleep..

didn't take my lunch tho.. because of the headache (blame the PMS)
but then at about 3 or 4pm managed to get myself ready for the evening walk..
i missed the tadarus event.. but i'm not the only one.. hehe..


we went to the visit KD Rahmat.. some shops and then back to the hotel for our dinner..
(x byk tempat boleh pergi pun sebab hujan renyai2)

Jamuan Makan Malam Negeri..
was held at the same hall.. huhu.. all event at the same hall.. the theme was Batik.. 
so everybody got all dressed up for the dinner.. hahaha... 

the last day..


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