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October 17, 2014

it's Friday...

Assalamualaikum everybody..
how's ur day?? Hope u're doing great.. i'm ok but not that good (health)..
been having these symptoms of fever since Sunday..

i'm missing someone.. a friend of mine.. 
hmm hoping that everything is ok..
take care eh.. 

owh am wearing this dress to school today.. dont remember where its from
but its been a long time.. i remember wearing it when i was pregnant with Aisyah..
hehe... longgggg time agoooo.


the sleeve is short so i need to wear a handsock... and pheww the handsock is long enough
to cover my hand... ok that's it.. i dont really have anything to tell.. but i wanted to write something
because i'm not doing anything now (but trust me i have lotsssss of work)..

leaving you lovely people with this song...


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