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September 17, 2014

September babies

well we're back together to celebrate Sept babies in our family..

we have 5 people celebrating birthday in September..
Aisyah on the 7th
Adam on the 8th
my Mom on the 12th and
my girls on the 20th..

since everybody were here (Kulim) so we decided to have our family dinner..
my sis arrived at Penang around 8pm on Saturday 
earlier we (my bro's family and us) went for a movie at Sunshine Square Bertam..
so just nice after the movie we went back home (Kepala Batas) then my dad drove us to 
Kunthai (i think its in Butterworth)

my 2nd time there (previously it was on my birthday last year)
but it was his 1st.. haha.. pity you dear...

mom n dad
bro and sister in law
my bro and sis...

me with the kids...
sorry i dont have the chance to snap pics of the food.. 
i guess everybody was hungry and excited seeing all the food served on the big table

finally the cake cutting ceremony..
yeah we had fun.. 
hang out with the whole family except for my brother in law..
he's busy at work.. huhu pity you..


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