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April 16, 2014

The story..


Bersiaran dr KPJ Perda.. Yeah mama admitted here since Monday.. Had to undergo an operation for fibroid... Alhamdulillah its dine and now she is resting...

The first night mama kat sini, me n Hn dropped by to get some updates. Tinggal  kids kat inlaws and Aisyah kat babysitter then around 8pm kami gerak ke sini.. That time no one was here tapi kejap jer lepas tuh abah dtg.. 

Plan nak tido Kulim sbb doc said the operation will be done Tuesday morning but last min we changed the plan.. Balik sebab kena settle the kids.. Smp Arau around 130am... Next day sekolah mcm biasa tp at 1230 dah blik sbb Hn plan to move lepas zuhur.. Ride smp KPJ around 4pm..

That time abah and adik2 ada kat kg.. Naik atas and mama dah ada kat room.. And last nite me n my sis tido sini.. Take turns tgkkan mama.. I cant remember at what time i slept tp after 3am laa.. Then 630am nurses dtg to freshen up mama.. Tido balik then at 8 something bgn dah.. 

And now she is resting... 


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