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January 23, 2014

Today's activities

Salam semua...
This was taken earlier today..
We had our weekly cross country training.. So i managed to jog again..

Sempat jer nak bergambar dgn akak2 kesygan... 

This was after Zuhur... Yeah i've change my hijab this time..
Hehe serabut eh.. Sorry i kinda like it this way..
Excuse my serabutness eh.. Hehe..

The wide shawl is from TheAppleJambu..
U can get them from Wana Tanim fb acc.. Just search for her.. 

Caca merba kaler yg iena pakai.. Haha again i'm not so perfect in wearing what color
with what and so on.. Most of the time main bantai jer..
And i dont really have alot of tshirt either long sleeves or short..
Nih tshirt sekolah...

Baru sampai last check point for cross country..
Yeay!!! Bolehlaaa lama giler x lari jauh2 gini...
So managed to finish was a huge achievement..

Poyolah ko nih..

My girls... 
laju laa skit anak2 ooiii letih dah mama kamu menunggu...
huhu tak tahulah on Saturday it self korang nak sampai kul berapa


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