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December 30, 2013

last of 2013

ok last entry for 2013..
hmm nak tulis apa yer..

macam tadak idea nak tulis apa tapi cam nak tulis jugak..
hmm apa yer...

ok laaa nnti ada idea iena sambung tulis..
waaa teruknya..

adakah ini petanda blog ini akan terkubur??

- updated
ok just some backdated events in my life

my 34th birthday on December 21st....
huhu biar betul kan... 
yerp betul.. dah 34 years old.. thanks to Allah for blessing me with these
beautiful lifes, beautiful people around me...

the blue n pink combination for her akad nikah's day..
owh my sis is getting married next year..
so 4/1/14 is her akad nikah's day and we will be wearing blue n pink..
5/1/14 is the reception's day
and we will be wearing grey..

praying everything will run smoothly..
cant wait

hey i'm bored...
this was taken when we're on our way for a short getaway to Penang..
just the 4 of us since twin got a camp..
we went there on the 24th and back to Perlis on the 25th...
ntah pape kan...

my girls during their camp's day..
alhamdulillah this time sempat masukkan nama dorang tuk camp nih..
in shaa Allah next year will make sure they join more..

got him something for our anniversary..

manage to help a friend with the design for our group
yup i'm a vocational students at SMV Kulim 
from 95-96...
am so proud of it..


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