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October 21, 2013

Luahan hati

Salam semua... Me tgh mode worried so much with these two girls... Kenapa??

Hmm let see..

1. Its exam week but they both so sempoiii giler x study... Study pun ikut kalau kita suruh bagai nak rak baru nak p baca buku. Itupun x tau laaa betul2 baca or ulangkaji or not... - mommy sgt stress lorrr

2. Adoiiii camner nak ckp... They really mencabar kesabaranku (sometimes)... Letih laaa nak bercakap, menegur, mengajar dorang nih... Kadang rasa mcm i've failed to be a good mother to them... Elok pulak kalau org lain yg suruh turut jer... Huhu - mommy double stress about this...

Dua jerlah isunya... Tp ini sudah cukup bagi kepala otak ku pening... Xperlah all i can do is pray to Allah so that they would change and be a good daughters, sisters... Be good to others, respect and yang paling penting jadi hambaNya yang solehah.. 

I know i'm lacking here and there, well i'm not perfect... And until now i still feel that i'm not ready and prepared for this.. Tapi in shaa Allah, i am trying my best... I just wish they know that no matter what i will always love them


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