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May 05, 2012

Beauty make over

Wallah haiiii tajuk  bukan main kan. Hehe. Just something i bought masa d KL aritu.
Tetiba rasa nak ubah brg2 make up yg ada. 

Kebetulan pulak mmg everything dah tgal skit. So ajak my sis temankan cause she knows better than me.
Iena bukanlah pandai sgt tp pakai yg perlu jer. My sis ckp set nih quite reasonable sbb ada all the basic thing, iena cuma top up blusher n lipstic. So not bad laaaa for me. Hehe. I know u girls lagi terror dr iena bab2 nih. So care to share what you are using?

- kena stop beli brg2 make up for a while sbb need to focus on preparing stuffsssss for my newborn plak. Hmmm when is the suitable time to start buying eh? I am now in my 5th month.

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