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April 27, 2012


Last Wednesday, lepas jee slot Scratch kat Makmal ICT JPNPs, around noon iena gerak ke KL. Huhu a busy week with 2 important events. Satunya kursus ICTL Year 5 and satu lagi mewakili Guru Besar ke taklimat penerangan PINTAR Foundation. 

Our sch was one of the selected one for this year. InsyaAllah its for the good future for our students. Taklimat berlangsung d Hotel Plaza, KL. So me n a friend took a bus at 1pm and arrived at 9pm. Gila babassss punya lama duduk atas bas tuh. Sakit pinggang dibuatnya. Tp apa leh buat.
Upon arrival, my sis dah tgu d Pudu. She drove us to the hotel, had a quick check in and then off we go to Kg Baru for dinner with dad. 

Thursday morning, taklimat disampaikan oleh wakil PINTAR Foundation, wakildr UEM Group dan British Council. Am so glad that we are among the chosen one. Syukur alhamdulillah. So in 3 years we are going to hv alots of meetings, activities, projects with mentors from the British Council.

End everything at 2pm, and then iena n my friend (senior teacher) plan to go for a quick shopping session at the Pavillion. Haha. Menambahkan lg semangat nak shopping sbb the organizer provided us with some cash money as token for being here. Waaaa pucuk di cita ulam mendatang. Dlm kepala da plan nk get some shoes, hbag and tops. Tp xdak yg berkenan di hati.

Then we moved on to the Sephora..... And the damage begins....

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