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December 31, 2011

my baby.....

 salam semua..
adoiiii lamanya tak update blog nih...
been busy here and there..
sampai nak update pun tak sempat..

just want post few picture of my new baby 

hubby bought this as my birthday present..
yaaaaa its been ages but still i want to put it here...

 he did asked me what i want for my birthday this year...
i told him i sangat envy dengan galaxy note and camera dslr...
(bukannya aku pandai sangat pun dslr ke apa r ker...)
sbb this camera mmg ada dalam my wishlist to buy this year
i thought of getting this baby with my own money laaa
my biz bonus 

but on the 22nd of December
when we met up at Hotspring Sg Klah
he gave me this..

alaaaaaa so sweet
the idea of giving me this was such a sweet one
but he cant make it to dad's apartment on the 21st
so terlewat laa dapat adiah..
tapi tak kisah...

so now...
iena dah ada satu benda yang mmg iena nak sangat..
skrg masih proses explore lagi..
sebab yang iena tahu mmg setting auto jer...
yg lain belum terror...

2012 is just around the corner...
cant believe it, how time flies....
so if you want to change your life 360 degree..
from nobody to somebody
with savingssss, big BONUSsss, dream car, free trips around the world
you should make your first step now!!!!

Contact me at inz8799@yahoo.com or sms at 019 479 5730 


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