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June 21, 2011

June Baby.. that's my boy

salam kembali
baca blog Sue just now and realized that i haven't post anything about Afi's 2nd bday
yup our kids share the same month of birthday
it's still June so i guess boleh lagi lagi buat post about it

1st June 2011 
Afi turns TWO

at that time kami di Kulim for our school holiday kan..
so i asked mom if its ok for us to go to Jusco
sebab waktu tuh nak gi carik apatah.. or is it for jalan2 purpose only.. 
hehe of course mom said ok..

 when we reached Jusco Perda it was nearly Maghrib so do a lil shops here n there
then terus gi surau tuk solat... 
since kami bergilir2 tuk solat so sebelah surau tuh kebetulan ada library

while waiting iena masuk library ngan dorang..
seronok pulak ropanya duduk dalam nih
the pictures will tell the story 
(sebab dah tak larat nak pk nak taip apa)


 finally i just want to say that
what ever it is

10 hr jer lagi then promo PB akan tamat. Rugi sgt kalau x join biz nih skrg. 800 hengget tuk set ke3. Blh la nak buat side income. Haaa kalau berasa nak join group g Holland n Belgium for FOC. Haa better start now. Terlepas peluang nih rugi woooo
contact me at inz8799@yahoo.com or sms at 0194795739 


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