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February 02, 2011

its the New Year again...for them

hey at last able to update my blog again..
last nite curik2 guna BB Hn to update
cam susah jer.. so i still miss my lappy yer..

and today..
Hn is out doing something.
he took Afi along.. so wallah a time to update..

but not too long..
just a quick one,..

just nak wish happy holiday to all
Happy Chinese New Year to all jugak

our plan nak join the gathering di KL tak jadi
sebab last minit ada kenduri pulak di Perlis
so stay umah jer lah..

but then Hn told me that my bro nak balik Kulim tonite.
hmm tak jadi lepak2 di KL kah..
i hate having this thought..
i hope its not because of us not going there..

have fun u all..
love u guys..


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