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January 23, 2011

choose between being healthy or sexy or hot or what ever

healthy or sexy.. hehe.. apakah.. tidak bersungguh betul..
well actually i've joined Churp2 for quite sometime now..
the concept is to share all these great things with ur friends..
so am doing it here in my blog beside my tweet n fb..

this one is quite interesting too
when it comes to being healthy 
sapa yang tak mahu kan..

jadi pelah salahnya 
korang2 yg ada acc FB tuh
amik ler peluang tak lama pun gi kat fb acc tuh
and try out the quiz just to know 

adakah kita cukup healty or not

 bukan susah mana pun soklannya..
just to let u know whether  u are doing good or not
with what u eat n what u do

i've got my result..
what about u