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December 01, 2010

tips to get bodylicious..

apa cerita.. ada bagus ka..
nak share ngan korang satu email yang aku terima tadi..

wpun ko HOT n SEXY bebeh tapi.....

Anyone who is overweight will testify that losing weight is not as easy as it seems. The people that are lean, or have gone from fat to skinny will say it’s just a matter of motivation and elbow grease. Although it is not as simple as that. Our environments have waged war on us. Their weapons are sedentary lives and Trans fats of mass destruction. All is not lost though, here are some quick simple tips to get ahead!

1. Substitute Water

Our bodies are about 65-70% water. It follows that water would be not only essential, but the best possibly choice of liquids to ingest. In fact, our bodies will sometimes simulate a hunger response, when in reality the body is craving hydration. When hungry, drink a glass or two of water to check if it suppresses your hunger.

2. Chew Your Food

Chewing our food very slowly and deliberately has several benefits that are often overlooked. It gives us the ability to relax, and enjoy our meal. Slow chewing is the first, and highly important, step in a complex system of digestion. Besides, if we eat slowly, we might feel full before finishing the whole meal, and can leave the rest for the next meal. 

3. Exercise daily

How silly of me to include something as obvious as exercise. I did a 30 day trial with waking up, and walking for 30 minutes first thing in the morning. My journal records that I was feeling amazing during the period of time that I was following this habit. 

Aim for fitness.
Build a healthy base.
Choose sensibly.

4. Publicize your intentions

Start a blog, join a forum, and have other people keep you accountable to help. Tell other people your plan, it would help you get the motivation to go with it!

5. Create a food schedule

Plan your day so that you’re eating at approximately the same time each day. This scheduling will incorporate itself into your circadian rhythm, and aid in digestion.

6. Do not over eat

Know your limit and stop eating when you are full. I have often been a victim of wanting to finish a meal so that it doesn’t go to waste. This has left me with many a stomach ache. Next time, doggy bag it for later, and don’t hurt yourself! 

7. Choose your snacks wisely

Put down the Lays® and cheese puffs. Pick up the apple and baby carrots. Make the right decision, I know you can do it. 

walahai gambar apple aku.. sungguh

8. Lifestyle.

Remember, it’s not about special diets, or special exercise programs. The real secret is in turning your health into a lifestyle, and focusing on this healthy lifestyle with every choice you make.

hmm ini satu tips yang boleh digunapakai kan.. sebab tidak susah
semua orang boleh buat..
tapi aku boleh tambah satu lagi

sebab aku ada PB
so lagi senang aku nak turun berat badan
ramai dah buktikan..
tak caya.. 
hmm gi jer terjah blog otai2 dengan PB nih..
aku hanyalah user
for the time being.. masih lagi berusaha tuk lose some weight
ramai dah berjaya
so why not
u guys give it a try

ada nampak cam kurus tak.. ke masih chubbylicious lagi


  1. bdn kak su dah ok dah tuh... nak kurus lg ker??? kak long nih kurus sbb tak cukup tdo... normal la tuh..... + stress dengan kejer.. ini yg kdg2 meraung gak tuh.... lau nak diet bab makan... tak la kot..kak long hentam jerk mkn sumer....

  2. hehe.. tlah org kata jugak kan kalau stress nih senang nak turun berat badan..
    hmm kena kumpul stress banyak2 lah.. hehe..

    tapi kak long tuh kurus sangat ler..