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November 29, 2010

Table for 2.5?

hehe.. harini nak cherita pasal makan di luar.. pernah ker?? amboi takkan tak pernah kan?? anak2 aku kalau cakap nak makan di luar amboiii seronok sungguh.. padahal p makan kat kedai depan umah jer pun.. belum lagi bawak gi makan fast food or benda2 lain  kan.. tapi tulah byk benda kena pk sebelum bawak dorang makan di luar.. yang pstinya bila makan di luar aku akan jadi orang yg paling susah nak makan.. sebab apa ?? sebab aku kena pegang Afi.. 

sejak 2 menjak nih.. Afi susah sungguh nak duduk dalam highchair tuh.. kalau dduk kejap jer then terus lompat nak bangun n turun ke bawah...he prefer to walk around n move around.. so aku dalam dok ada mood nak makan terus ilang.. orang lain jer lah yang makan.. korang pernah ker rasa gitu.. 

kadang bila nengok kengkawan lain cam senang jer bawak baby dorang gi jalan sana sini.. then boleh lak singgah lepak2 n makan2.. aku cam cemburu gila babas... camner korang buat.. aku mmg fail bab nih.. korang cuba lah ajarkan aku yer.. kot ler tips korang lagi senang dari apa yang aku dapat nih...

Dining out with baby doesn't have to be a disaster. Here's how to put fun on the menu.
Dining out with your little darling? Follow these dos and don'ts to make your meal magnificent (not just for your family, but for your fellow diners too).

    Call ahead. This is one situation where you (and the restaurant) won't want surprises. Make reservations, find out the best (read: least busy) times to visit, make sure you can get a high chair, and check the children's menu. (The hostess's response to your queries will also give you a good idea of the establishment's attitude toward babies. If you sense a chilly vibe on the phone, you can expect an equally cool response in person.)

    Ask for an out-of-the-way table. This is not just to stay out of the way of other guests (who will nevertheless appreciate your consideration), but also to give you privacy should you need to nurse. But if you're visiting a spot that has built-in entertainment (flying pizza dough, for example), try to treat your baby to a front-row seat.Serve the little one first. Request that his food be brought out immediately (and be willing to ask for baby-friendly foods that aren't on the menu, such as plain steamed veggies or a fruit plate).

    Keep your diaper bag stocked. Bring a bib (and a spare), plenty of wipes, books, and other distractions, a sippy cup, and snacks (in case nothing on the menu appeals to him).

    Linger. Save long, leisurely meals for date night, when your baby's home with a sitter. The longer you take to order, eat, and sip your coffee, while he cools his heels in the high chair, the more you run the risk that he will hit his breaking point (which might become yours as well).

    Forget your fellow diners. If your baby starts to fuss or cry, take him out of the dining room until he calms down. One parent can stroll with him outside the dining room while the other finishes eating, then you can switch. Or ask for your food to go, and finish up at home (you'll still enjoy a nice meal and a clean kitchen!).

so camner.. korang punya idea lagi senang ker.. sebab kalau nak ikut apa yang ada di sini cam biasa jer kan.. hmm tahlah.. adakah mmg akan susah jadiknya kalau bawak kids ni g tempat makan...


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