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October 01, 2010

saying the big word.. NO

pernah tak ada masalah mengatakan TIDAK??
well i do.. aku mmg susah sangat nak cakap tidak..
mungkin sebab taknak kecilkan hati orang lain..
or maybe sebab it's just hard to say the word NO..
itu kalau kes mungkinlah orang dok promote barang ke apa kan..

tapi kalau dengan anak sendiri macam mana..
susah ke senang..

i have to be honest kekadang mmg aku tegas mengatakan tidak..
tapi kadang2 tak boleh.. just dont ask me why..
sebab akupun cam tak tau nak jawab apa..
so harini aku cuma nak share dengan semua satu artikel dari Nestle dengan tajuk

YES, it’s okay to say “NO”.

Do you have trouble saying "NO" to your child? Well, if your child has more toys than he can play with, you’re probably like most parents that find it hard to say "NO". But a good thing to know is the "NO" word when used correctly is as caring and loving as the "YES" word.

So here are a couple of reasons why saying “NO” will make a world of a difference to the positive upbringing of your little one.

Here are some rules to saying "NO"

    • Say "NO" firmly but caringly.
    • Explain why you’re saying "NO" so that your little one will learn that you are saying it for a good reason or to protect him. Perhaps you could reinforce your explanation with a simple caring statement to him. "The reason we say YES or NO to you is because we love and care for you".
    • Don’t say "NO", more than you need to.

Here are a few reasons saying "NO" will benefit you and your child

  1. Start immediately. Should your little one become so used to you saying "YES" all the time, you will find that as he gets older he will have a tough time accepting a "NO" from you.
  2. Stand firm. Children are creatures of habit. If you say “YES” to something just because you didn’t want to make them unhappy, the next time you decide to say “NO” could end up in a tantrum flare up!
  3. It’s good discipline. Remember, saying "NO" is also part of disciplining. A child that grows up with good discipline will find a sense of justice and security in this world.
  4. It’s rewarding. And the ultimate reward for you is, your child will appreciate things more when you say "YES"!
  5. Very importantly. It will also teach your child that it’s okay to say "NO" to strangers or negative elements.
As parents, we all want the best for our little one, both physically and mentally. And while we always give him the best nutrition for him to grow up, we need to give him the best guidance for him to be the best.

terima kasih sebab sudi membaca..
aku nih bukanlah arif sangat bab parenting..
tapi tak salah kalau aku kongsi artikel yang aku terbaca dengan korang..
sekadar berkongsi ilmu.. akhir kata dari aku..

selamat berhujung minggu


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