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October 27, 2010

Love U Nuffnang.... the Best

adeh tak sangka laksss
thanks alot to Nuffnang

i've (recently) been given 6 buffered earning

aku pun tak baper nak faham sgt pasal earning2 nih.. tapi at the same time sangat berterima kasih dengan pendapatan tambahan nih. so how do we Bloggers actually earn something from them

There are 2 types of ad campaigns from Nuffnang:

a) mCPM Campaigns

- Bloggers are paid based on the number of unique impressions an advertiser purchases from their blogs.
- Once a blog is chosen for an mCPM campaign, a new entry will be created under a ‘Buffered Earnings’ table on the Earnings page which will be updated daily according to the progress of the ads being showed to the blog’s readers.
- Once the campaign ends, it will be transferred to a new table called ‘Metered Earnings’, in which the amount will be reflected in your current earnings.
- All blogs registered under Nuffnang qualify for mCPM campaigns by default.
- Advertisers will choose which blogs they wish to advertise on based on several factors such as demographics of blog readers, desirability of ad units, membership exclusivity and writing style of the blogger.
- New bloggers to the community may take a while to be chosen for campaigns as advertisers are less confident in advertising on newly signed up blogs for mCPM campaigns.

b) CPC Campaigns
- Bloggers are paid based on the number of unique clicks registered on the ad unit showing the advertisements.
- Bloggers can opt to show CPC campaigns by selecting ‘Show Global CPC Ads’ as their Ads Preference in their Blog Manager.
- When there are no CPC campaigns, the ad unit will be minimized. When there’s an ongoing CPC campaign, the ad unit will show till the number of clicks allocated for the day has been used up. These ads will only show when your blog has not been chosen for any mCPM campaigns for that period of time.
- Earnings for CPC campaigns are updated weekly on the Earnings Page.

haa cam gitulah yer.. aku punya income pun bukanlah banyak mana tapi syukur.. thanks yer Nuffnang... nanti bagilah lagi.. hehe.. owh yer these are a few recent activities

and i loike this one.. cumanya aku tadak idea langsung nak buat entry pasal nih wpun aku mmg teringin sangat nak pakai Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800!

ramai jugak yang dah buat n3 pasal nih.. hmm due date is on the 29th.. ada masa lagi.. so nengoklah nanti camner


  1. saya_arief: mekasih hehe.. ala nanti arief pun boleh dapat gini.. iena pun budak baru belajar jer...

  2. ish bukan sekali dapat 6 cikserai.. setelah beberapa lama then dapat 6 hehe.. alhamdulillah

  3. an: mekasih ala jgn ler jeles.. org lain lagi banyak dr nih agaknya.. syukur rezeki org nak bagi.. hehe..

  4. ken : yey nuffnang best (thumbs up for Nuffnang)