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August 09, 2010

Baby day out is not perfect without.....

aku terbaca info ni dalam babycenter.com
jadinya nak kongsi ngan semua
what are the essentials to bring along
when u are out there enjoying your day with ur beloved kids..
hmm nih bukan saja sesuai tuh baby tapi aku rasa
selagi namanya budak
mmg sesuai lah disediakan sedikit keperluan agar mereka lebih selesa
(reasons for big bags)

Diaper-Bag Essentials
What you really need to have on hand while you are out and about with your baby. That cute diaper bag you got at your baby shower probably wasn’t meant to be stuffed until bursting at the seams. Well, the good news is that there’s no need to overpack and lug around a bag that weighs a ton. The following items are pretty much all you need when you’re out and about with your baby. Just be sure to restock when you get home, so you’re never without these diaper-bag essentials.
Diapers (yang nih khusus tuk babies ler, kalau dan besar tak perlu). Obvious, yes, but how many you pack depends on how long you’re going to be out, how old your baby is, and how she’s feeling. (if you’re heading to the doctor because your baby has diarrhea, for instance, pack several so you’re prepared for a maximum number of changes.) And don’t forget to follow the plus-one rule: Always pack one more diaper than you think you’ll need.
Wipes. Tuck them in a reclosable plastic bag or case to use during diaper changes. But don’t just relegate them to tushy cleanup. Wipes are handy for cleaning your own hands before and after diaper duty and can be used to remove spit-up and baby-food stains from clothes and furniture. - aku mmg spare satu wipes nih dalam handbag or even my schoolbag sebab wipes nih mmg banyak kegunaan especially bila kita di luar.. kekdg tuh bila anak2 kecil nih dah makan ker main ker dah tu kotor so boleh guna tuk lap or bersihkan dorang.. kekadang aku guna jer tuk lap muka dorang once they wake up from sleep (bila travel)
Diaper cream or ointment. It’s a good idea to carry around a tube of ointment or cream to use as a layer of protection to help prevent a diaper rash from developing — or to soothe your baby’s bottom in case one develops. - alhamdulillah anak2 aku tadak lagi yang ada kes diaper rash nih.. so aku jarang le guna.. tapi mmg ada di rumah 1 (persediaan)

Changing pad. Most diaper bags come with a pad, so don’t leave home without it — especially if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have a changing table (like Grandma’s house). If your bag doesn’t come with a pad, add your own, but choose one with a washable or wipe-off cover. In a pinch, you can always use a towel or cloth diaper, but be careful — they aren’t waterproof and won’t be able to adequately protect carpets or furniture. - sangat perlu aku rasa.. sebab kekadang tempat yang kita pergi nih tadak proper changing room for babies.. so takkan nak main letak jer anak kat mana2 kan.. so lebih baik ler ada.. wpun aku pun kekadang lupa juga nak bawak tapi pastikan ler nak letak baby tuh ada alas or lapik..
Extras. Depending on how long you’re planning to be out, be sure to pack a bib, burping cloth, a ziplock bag for dirty diapers, and a bottle of formula if you’re not breastfeeding. Consider packing a replacement outfit for your baby if she’s prone to spitting up or tends to produce diaper blowouts (lucky you!). And don’t forget a bottle of water and snack for you. (And if the diaper bag’s doing double-duty as your purse, toss in a small bag where you can stash your cash, keys, and cell — that way you won’t be rooting around for your essentials when you need ’em.) - dealing with kids.. hmm tak boleh dijangka dorang nih.. so prepare lah apa2 yang boleh menarik perhatian dan yang boleh membuatkan mereka tidak kebosanan.. especially when they grew bigger..
so to friends out there persediaan awal tak salah dan akan memudahkan semua.. rasanya semua mommies out there mmg dah prepare benda2 nih dalam diaper bag or whatever bag yang korang bawak while u're out there...

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