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April 03, 2010

adik pun nak main dengan kakak jugak

sejak ada Afi.. aku rasa kekadang aku terlepas pandang akan keperluan kedua2 puteri aku (wpun mmg semua benda esp sch stuff dorang aku akan pastikan complete before going to sch) tapi.. tulah.. lately aku rasa cam aku asyik marah2 dorang.. kalau silap sikit aku punya marah cam dorang tu dah boleh berfikir sendiri mana baik mana yang silap.. dan ini sepatutnya tidak berlaku sebab dorang baru 7 tahun.. dan sewajarnya aku melayan dan mendidik mereka dengan lebih baik..
bukan niat aku tuk buat dorang (like what i did now) cumanya aku rasa aku macam kurang masa dan kekurangan idea on how to be with them, play with them, talk to them sebab most of the time si kecik lebih perlukan aku... yeah i've to admit aku mmg lebih banyak masa dengan dorang compared to their dad... tapi tulah.. bila dengan Afi yang perlukan aku all the time (kecuali time tido) so dengan my twin aku lebih membiarkan they do what ever they want..

ada masa aku bagi jugak Afi main2 dengan kakak2 nya tapi tulah.. kekadang aku rasa mereka agak berkasar dengan Afi.. yelah dorang da besar.. da boleh buat macam2.. tapi itu kadangkala membuatkan aku bertambah risau.. tapi itulah antara cara yang aku boleh buat to make sure that i'm with them (the three of them) at the same time..

and recently aku dapat email ni dari WhatToExpect.. sesuai sangat dengan isu yang sedang aku tuliskan nih..

Playing with Big Kids: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to letting your baby play with older kids. Here, four activities that are safe and fun for everyone.Playing with (or, rather, next to) an older child can be an amazing event for your baby. Most babies are fascinated by bigger kids who appear so much more capable yet aren't as large and intimidating as grown-ups can be. Observing a slightly older child can help your baby pick up vocabulary words and new skills as he strives to imitate his pal. Your child may even be inspired to pick up a toy he's never been interested in before — if his friend plays with it first. And big kids (preschool-age and up) typically love showing off their knowledge to an adoring audience.

But such eager interest can work against you too. An older child's toys may have small, choke-size parts or otherwise be inappropriate for your nine-month-old, so stay alert. Watch for sharing spats as well — even a very gracious older child may have a tough time being consistently gentle with a grabby baby.

To keep everyone safe and entertained, suggest some activities that your little one and his older playmate will both enjoy. Here are a few to try:

Show and tell. Have the older child "read" books (pop-ups or other interactive titles work well) or flashcards to the baby, or draw pictures and then talk about them.

•Song and dance. Whether they listen to it or make it themselves (with simple rhythm instruments or household items), music has nearly universal appeal.

Run and race. If your baby is crawling, encourage the older child to get down on the floor with him. They can race across the room (on all fours!) or maneuver through an obstacle course of pillows and cardboard boxes.

Stack and crash. Blocks are perfect playthings for kids at different developmental levels — especially if you challenge the older child to build something that the baby can knock down. (If the older one wants to build a more permanent creation, help him find a place out of the baby's reach.)

menarik jugak kan.. tidaklah susah mana pun.. kalau setakat nak main kejar2(versi merangkak) Afi dan kakak2 dia mmg dok selalu buat

dah.. hehe.. jadinya aku rasa they are able to play together tapi aku perlu ada bersama sebab budak2 for me they need supervision..

urrrgggghhhh how i wish i could be there with them all the time and be a good mother to them..


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