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March 31, 2010

tak mau makan pulak dah...

Isnin lepas Afi had his 9th month checkup.. awal pagi tuh aku ke sekolah dulu.... lagipun da tak susah sebab Afi duduk kat umah sebelah jer.. so senang le balik jap lepas assembly then amik Afi then terus gi klinik...

checkup kalinih tak lah lama.. sebabnya hanya nak tengok Afi punya development dan timbang berat jer... the following are infos on the nine month check up yang aku dapat dari WhatToExpect (where else)

The Nine-Month Checkup

Here's what to expect at your child's nine-month wellness visit.

The nine-month checkup brings a welcome respite: No shots this time, unless there are special concerns or your baby needs to catch up on a previously missed dose. (If it's flu season, consider inoculating your child, since a bout of the flu can be much more serious for a baby than it is for an adult.) The focus this month will be on the usual physical and developmental assessments: your baby's weight, length, and head circumference, and how they track against his previous stats. The pediatrician will also look for certain skills such as sitting independently, reaching and pulling up, searching for hidden objects, recognizing and responding to words such as his name and "bye-bye" or "no," playing social games such as peekaboo, and using gestures to communicate, such as pointing or waving. Your doctor may use a series of tests to determine your baby's progress, or simply observe while asking you what you've witnessed at home.

Since your little one's diet is likely changing rapidly these days, with new foods going down the hatch every week, take this opportunity to bring up any nutrition questions you may have. You can get your doctor's perspective on when to introduce eggs, fish, or citrus fruits, or his or her thoughts on weaning (if you're ready for that step) and transitioning from bottle to cup (if your baby is). Anything else you've been wondering or worrying about? Now's your chance to bring it up, so make a note of it before the appointment.

overall Afi was ok... perkembangan dia pun ok... berat pun ok.. he is 9.2kg now... adehh patutler lenguh tangan2 waktu bf Afi.. sebabnya dia tak suka bf sambil baring... dukung pun mmg kena guna Baby Bjorn dah... kalau tak harus kebas2 tgn dibuatnya..

bab makan.. lately Afi tak baper nak berselera makan.. aku try buat porridge (nasi, carrot, ikan bilis or sayur2 lain) tapi dia tak baper mau makan.. kalau buat nestum lagilah dia tak suka.. pening jugak aku.. should try other things lah... kan.. sebab takkan nak minum susu jer... mana larat..

lain2 hal semuanya ok.. camner kawan2 Afi yang lain.. apa cerita..


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