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March 11, 2010

sambung lagi cerita si labu

When can my Baby eat Baby Food Recipes with Pumpkin?

Babies may begin to eat Pumpkins from 6 months old. You may feed your baby plain pumpkin in pureed form or mixed into homemade cereals, yogurts, and even in meats such as chicken. Adding a dash of cinnamon to pumpkin gives baby a first exposure to the wonder of spices.

You may also bake pumpkin as you would a butternut or acorn squash and serve the baked pumpkin in small dices as Baby Finger Foods. Rub a wee bit of butter and a bit of cinnamon on the inside of the pumpkin prior to baking for a tasty nutritious treat.

Choosing a Pumpkin to cook for Homemade Baby Food Recipes

If you will be using Pumpkins in food dishes, look for smaller, immature pumpkins - sometimes these "cooking pumpkins" are labeled as "sugar pumpkins" or "pie pumpkins".

The smaller, sugar/pie pumpkins provide the most flavorful additions to any baked dish or baked good and are great as a soup. These smaller pumpkins are more tender and less stringy than the larger variety. Try to find a pumpkin anywhere between five to eight pounds.

Is it Safe to use Canned Pumpkin in Baby Food Recipes? You may use canned pumpkin for baby food. Ensure that you purchase canned pure pumpkin and NOT "Pumpkin Pie" mix. The Pumpkin Pie mix contains sugars, starches and other additives. We do not recommend using canned foods for all of baby's homemade food. Please visit our Using Canned Foods for Making Homemade Baby Foods.


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