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February 06, 2010

What do you think about Usana... want to know more (Part I)

i was browsing mrsImran nye blog.. then come across this entry pasal Usana.. dek kerana aku nih tadak ler info or testimonial yang hebat pasal Usana (because i'm using it on my own) so other way to share info is getting them from my upline (hehe.. kira upline la kan... orang paling awal temui Usana yang aku kenal)

1. What is USANA?
Good health and financial freedom – that’s everyone’s dream. USANA PROVIDES BOTH! USANA Health Sciences has become one of America’s leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. The two main reasons are:
(1) a superior product line that you can always trust, and
(2) an innovative network marketing program that amply rewards both the average and ambitious Distributor.

2. USANA products consist of;
Supplement: Essentials, Proflavanol, Poly C, BiOmega, Active Calcium, Procosa, Visionex,
Lose Weight: Nutrimeal & Fibergy
Skin Care: Sense (cleanser, toner, night & day crème, masque, perfecting essence & etc)

3. USANA products beneficial to?
All of us (regardless healthy or not healthy) including kids. Are you maintaining your health by chance or by choice?

4. Example of many diseases that “Insyallah” can be treated by taking USANA supplement;

Acne / Rosacea (Jerawat/Jerawat Batu
Asthma/Allergies (Asma/Alahan)
Alzheimer (Penyakit Otak)
Stroke (Strok/Penyakit Jantung)
Arthritis (Penyakit Sendi) - ni my own experience.. after deliver Afi aku mmg dok sakit2 sendi.. masa tuh belum lagi tahu about Usana (details) so borak2 ngan Mrs Imran n she introduced me to Procosa II.. tried it dan alhamdulillah sekarang da tak rasa sakit2 lagi.. tapi please bare in mind.. benda2 gini jgnler harap 1st try terus nak baik yer..
Bell’s Palsy (Penyakit Lumpuh Otot Muka)
Cancer (Kanser)
Fungal Infections (Jangkitan Kulat/Yis)
Migrane Dermatomyositis (Keradangan Kulit)
Diabetis Eczema (Penyakit Kulit/Gatal)
Elevated Cholesterol (Peningkatan Kolesterol)
Endometriosis (Penyakit Dalam Rahim)
Gout (Penyakit Sendi)
High Blood Pressure (Darah Tinggi)
Epstein Barr Viral (Jangkitan Virus)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Gangguan Usus)
Leukemia/Lymphoma (Kanser Darah)
Lyme Disease (Peyakit Ruam Kulit)
Macular Degeneration (Penyakit Mata)
Meniere’s Disease (Penyakit Telinga)
Osteoporosis (Penyakit Tulang Reput)
Vitiligo (Penyakit Hilang Pigment Kulit/Sopak)
Sinus / Resdung

5. I’m fat, I want to lose weight..
Sure! Good news, USANA also has its own weight management program called RESET and products that can help you to tone down your excessive baggage. Replace your regular meal with Nutrimeal & Fibergy. It will help to dull your appetite, combat hunger and can be taken along with USANA supplement to readjust your metabolisms rate.

-yup am losing inches n kgs lepas menggunakan Nutrimeal n Fibergy... walaupun ngan diet yoyo aku (kejap makan kejap tidak) tapi alhamdulillah surut jugak badan aku nih.. hehe.. tapi cuba korang gi tengok blog kengkawan Usana yang lain da ramai dah yang lose their weight termasuk Sifoo kita Mrs Imran..

6. Wah! How come USANA is so good can treat so many degenerative diseases? How it works actually?
Simple. It repairs damage cells. Many diseases were caused by damaged cells.

nantikan Part II of What do you think about Usana... want to know more

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  1. people should be thankful to god for what they get in life, either good/bad coz only god knows what's the best for us.