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February 26, 2010

sapa kata baby tak boleh main -

hmmm baby pun kena ada masa tuk bermain tau.. dengan cara ini barulah minda n motor dorang boleh berfungsi dengan lebih baik.. nih kira one of their development ler.. kang kalau asyik tido jer tak bagus jugak.. ala senang cerita kita nih kiranya bermain sejak dari dalam perut mak kita lagi so bagilah anak2 kita bermain ye (apa betulkah ayat aku nih)
kalinih pun aku nak share ngan korang satu lagi ilmu dari rujukan perkembangan bayi aku.. kiranya aku akan autopublishkan entry2 gini kot kalau aku tak sempat nak mem'blog'kan entry2 aku yer.. korang sudi2 kan lah membaca...

Independent Play: Give Your Baby a Drawer to Explore
macam kasar je kan bahasa dia.. suh bagi drawer aka laci tuk baby kita main.. hehe.. tapi tulah sebenarnya 'laci' nih boleh dijadikan sebagai satu ruang tuk mereka bermain dan meneroka apa yang ada di situ.. cam apa yang dah ditulis nih (sila baca ye)

Your curious infant loves to open drawers, cupboards, and cabinets, so why not encourage this early exploration by filling them with fun (and safe!) surprises. Everyone needs a space to call his own, right? So does your baby. Designate a cabinet, bin, drawer, or shelf for his prized possessions and you'll achieve two goals:
  • a boost to his budding independence
  • and a step closer to a less-cluttered environment (a mom can
    dream, can't she?).

In the kitchen, stow plasticware, lightweight pots and pans, and/or a few interesting toys in a low cupboard or deep drawer so your baby can explore while you're doing dishes or cooking. (Do use safety latches, though, so there will be no pinched fingers if your baby tries to play the open-and-shut game.) When you're ready to leave the room, one quick sweep and the floor is toy — and Tupperware — free. If you're feeling brave, add a little water to the mix: Spread out a kitchen towel and top it with a plastic dish filled with an inch or two of water, plus some spoons or a funnel.

In your baby's room and in the living room, playroom, or wherever else you spend a lot of time, skip the big wooden toy chest in favor of a basket or a low open shelf (in a securely anchored unit). Even when they're equipped with safety hinges, toy boxes can frustrate a baby or small child whose playthings are buried in a big jumble — plus they provide a platform for unsanctioned climbing (and stacking of junk). Once you've found the right receptacle, fill it with a small number of toys, board books, and stuffed friends. It'll be fun (and revealing) to see which ones your little one turns to most often. Rotating the stash will keep him from getting bored — or overwhelmed by too many choices.

dalam laci pun boleh jadi tempat bermain.. ala cam kita dulu le kan.. kat mana pun boleh jadi tempat bermain.. ingat lagi aku dulu (ganas sikit aku nih).. bumbung umah aku pun boleh jadi tempat aku ngan adik2 bermain bersama kawan2.. hehe.. bukan ler duduk atas bumbung tapi dia cam ada satu opening section sebelum bumbung tinggi tuh.. nak tau kami naik macam mana...

hehe.... kami panjat menggunakan buaian yang abah aku letak kat umah tuh.. dulu masa aku duk taman sebelum umah mama sekarang abah ada beli buaian (yang kita boleh duduk bertentang dengan orang tuh).. buaian tu mmg besi sepenuhnya.. so kami panjat besi tuh n mmg agak tinggi n sampai ke aras bumbung rumah.. gila brutal aku dulu.. then pokok jambu depan umah pun jadi tempat kami bermain.. hehe...

ehhhh back to the real story hear... so korang jgnler teragak2 tuk bagi anak2 kita bermain.. tapi pastikan dengan pemerhatian kita lah.. jangan pulak dok biar dia main sorang2 kang jadi yang tak tentu sapa yang susah..


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