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January 23, 2010

Why I Like It Longer’

W- why longer is better..
H- how should i put it into word...
Y- yeayyyyy i've found something that finally suits me.. i need something longer cause when they are shorter they are easily misplaced and sometime hardly to be found inside my BIG bag

I- impressive, sleek and sexy design..

L- longer mean i can view more that what i've got now.. latest innovation with 5.0 megapixel, touch screen, multi touch funtion..

I- I believe as what been said about the phone as the supermodel of Phone it can and should make me like one..

K- keep me updates to the latest news by giving me the better performance when browsing the Net.. should make me loving this even longer...

E- Elegant will definitely be something that i need right now.. am tired of being a very simple at all time..

I- I hope that the LG Chocolate will cheer my live up.. will bring more happiness in me..
T- Try my luck by entering this.. and hoping that u will be mine.. so i could spread the love notes even longer than before

L- Longer is difficult... nada... for me now with all the things in my BIG bags.. i really need a phone that is longer in size so that it's much easier for me to find u..

O- owhhhh i really wish that u are mine.. sleek n elegant LG Chocolate

N-Nuffnangs please... grant my wish.. so that my love for u will last longer n forever... yeahhhh

G-greeedy ehhhh!! no lah.. just try my luck...

E- ending the entry with Thank You for giving us all the writer a chance to win this beautiful longer phone...

R- roll on the drummmm cause the winner will be announce..


  1. waaah, zaila pon teringin nak cuba tapi idea xmuncul2lah pula

  2. Zaila... jom arrr try.. hehe.. iena pun goreng2 jer buat gitu.. ntah betul ntah idak benda yang dia nak tuh