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December 22, 2009

try to suprise me... will you

kalau haritu aku bagitau yang aku akan stay umah my mom for a week.. but then i've changed my mind.. so last night kami selamat balik ke Arau.. i dont know why i made that decision tapi i dont think being there will make things easy..

so yesterday was my 30th birthday.. nothing special happen.. not that i'm hoping for things to happen tapi why not once in a while try to suprise me with something kan.. yup kadang2 aku perlukan kejutan itu.. just to know that i'm still there.. tapi nada..

only birthday wishes and a birthday cake that afternoon.. which i ask for not that kind of fancy2 kind of cakes.. huhu..

well i guess i have to bear in mind that.. it's not easy to get other people attentions to what i want..

and yesterday i just found out something that really hurt my heart alot.. aku tak pernah sekali pun terfikir akan perkara itu.. well i guess all the actions shown are true..


  1. naper nih kak su....??? tak mo la sedey2..... cheer up ur life pls.....

  2. tried hard to cheer my sis.. mmg boleh tapi kekadang tuh.. sesangat ler tensionnya.. how are u dear