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October 25, 2009

sebab sayang kat koranglah...

aku nak share some info dengan semua..
apa yang dapat dalam emails aku...

dengan harapan agar ianya sedikit sebanyak dapat menambahkan ilmu
kita semua..

Top 5 Healthy Habits for Children

There are good habits and bad habits, but these five healthy ones are keepers!
You do all you can think of to prevent your child from coming down with a cold or an upset tummy — from feeding her balanced meals to scrubbing the floors she plays on. But that’s only half the battle: She has to learn how to keep herself healthy. And there’s plenty of lessons to teach her: Start by explaining that germs are responsible for the yucky feeling she gets when she’s sick. Then instruct her on healthy habits. You’ll have to demonstrate these hygiene lessons over and over, but pretty soon she’ll be able to grasp them — and follow through on them (at least most of the time!). So what are the most important lessons to start with? The top-five healthy habits for children are:

HEALTHY HABIT #1: Give Hands a Good Scrub
Hand washing tops the list of healthy habits children should learn for one simple reason: Doing it often — and doing it right — can reduce the number of colds, flu, and other infections children get by 50 percent! That’s a lot of sore throats, runny noses, and just-plain-ickiness a child can avoid simply by stepping up to the sink, especially at key times: before eating or heading to the playroom with a friend (this will keep germs on shared toys to a minimum), after coming in from playing outside, and after sneezing, coughing, petting an animal, or using the potty.

What’s more, even a baby can start to pick up on this all-important healthy habit — by watching as you wipe off her hands (do it frequently; according to some research, crawling babies handle and mouth the random stuff they find lying around more than 80 times per hour); and then, when she’s old enough to follow simple directions, by mastering these hand-washing how-tos:

  1. Use warm water and soap.
  2. Make lots and lots of suds; bubbles trap germs.
  3. Scrub for at least 20 seconds — about the time it takes to sing the ABC song or “Happy Birthday” twice through (at normal — not breakneck! — speed).
  4. Rub fronts and backs of hands, and between every little finger: Friction is as important as soap and water for getting little mitts clean.
  5. Rinse thoroughly, so that every single germ goes down the drain.
  6. Dry hands on a clean towel.

- haaa ni info tentang basuh tangan.. aku rasa semua dah tahu betapa pentingnya membasuh tangan sebab kat situlah banyak kuman yang tidak kelihatan ye... berkumpul dan membiak dan seterusnya akan menyusahkan kita... sejak dua menjak H1N1 nih pun.. kempen membasuh tangan begitu galak di buat...

yelah to make sure semua healthy dan bebas dari sebarang kuman.. jadinya silalah basuh tangan tidak kira waktu dan masa... ajar anak2 cara basuh tangan yang betul...

my twin sekarang cukup suka bila time basuh tangan.. boleh duduk berminit2 lamanya kat sinki tuh tuk pastikan tangan clear dari kuman... lepas tuh siap cakap 'Mama, tengok tangan adik/kakak dah bersih.. dah tak ada kuman" sambil tunjuk tangan dia yang dah kering di lap..

HEALTHY HABIT #2: Do the “Sleeve Sneeze”
What’s next on the list of healthy habits for children? When your kid feels an “achoo” coming on and there’s no tissue in sight, show him how to let loose into the inside of his elbow, rather than into his hand or the air. This way germs won’t wind up on his fingers — 80 percent of germs are transferred through touch — or spewed out into the air. This healthy habit applies to coughs as well — and to you too, so be a good role model whenever you sneeze sans tissues.

- haaaa ni satu lagi habit yg perlu di buang.. lepas bersin dok lap kat lengan baju or tangan.. haha... mmg nampak benda nih cam geli n remeh tapi tulah dok aku dok tengok orang suka buat... nampak tak dia tulis 80% kuman adalah tersebar melalui sentuhan atau udara.. haaa nak kata apa lagi dah.. semua da tahu tapi dok jugak buat2 tak tau.. mulai hari ini cuba ubah habit itu dan sila pastikan anda sentiasa membawa tisu atau kain sapu tangan... senang nak lap2 or nak tutup mulut bila dok bersin2 nih...

HEALTHY HABIT #3: Toss That Tissue!
Once your child has mastered the fine art of nose-blowing, get her into the habit of disposing of dirty tissues right away, rather than leaving them lying around on a table or the floor: Some bacteria and viruses can live for two hours or more outside the body, so getting rid of tissues is another healthy habit for children to learn. Make sure there’s a trash can in every room your child spends time in or teach her to flush yucky tissues down the toilet.

- jgn lupa buang tisu yang telah digunakan tuk sebarang aktiviti.. jgn dok nak simpan nanti nak guna lagi... apa kes ler pulak kan.. tisu dalam paket tuh kan banyak... buat apalah nak guna sehelai tisu tuh sampai 2-3 kali... ish3x...

HEALTHY HABIT #4: Don’t Share
Certain items can harbor germs and other icky things, so your child will have to learn that some things are not meant to be shared. Explain to your child that while it’s nice to let pals play with toys, there are things he should keep to himself — namely combs, brushes, and hats (sharing these items is the number-one way lice spread from kid to kid); toothbrushes; cups, forks, and drinking straws; whistles, horns, and other objects you put your mouth on (good luck with that one!); and, of course, tissues.

- ini pun penting... aku pernah alami.. dan aku tak mau lah menyalahkan sesapa.. bab sharing2 nih.. besalah kalau dah duduk di tadika or tempat jagaan.. kekadang they tend to share what ever things they have together... kalau benda yang nak di kongsi tuh bersih takpelah jugak.. tapi manalah kita boleh nampak kan segala kuman2 nih... dan anak aku (twin) pernah mengalami masalah kutu.. dek kerana berkongsi tempat tido di tempat jagaan mereka.. tapi takpelah benda tuh boleh di rawat.. sama jer dengan penyakit2 lain pun.. kalau boleh elakkan ler berkongsi benda2 macam sikat rambut, sudu garpu, gelas minuman, baju, tuala dan sebagainya.. bukan nak kata orang lain tak bersih or whatso ever.. tapi kalau boleh elak lebih baik kan...

HEALTHY HABIT #5: Flush and Flee
Now for some potty talk: While it’s tempting for a child (particularly a toddler who’s in the middle of toilet training) to want to watch the precious products of her efforts swirl away, it’s not such a great idea to encourage her to do this. With every flush, droplets of water containing minute particles of whatever was just deposited (yes, that means pee, poop, or vomit) spew into the air. Not only could this geyser of germs land directly on your kid, it could settle on nearby surfaces. So if you want your children to pick up this particular healthy habit, show them how to put down the lid (carefully, of course — a mashed finger isn’t any more fun than a tummy ache that can result from the type of bacteria lurking in the toilet.)

- perlu di ajar.. sebab kebersihan diri bermula di sinilah... kalau tandas kita pun tak tau nak bersihkan macam mana cerita tu kan.. so aku rasa.. apa pun perlu kita pastikan kebersihan diri dan kebersihan bilik air terjaga...

okeh.. bebelan aku dah selesai..
aku cuma nak berkongsi sedikit ilmu yang aku dapat... dari emails aku..
ala kalaupun korang dah tahu.. tapi mungkin ada perkara2 lain yang terlupa kan..
so sharing is for the purpose of caring...

haaa tu bab kebersihan diri dan rumah..
bab kesihatan diri..

jomlah try Usana..
tak rugi nyer..

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