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October 11, 2009

gabra kejap...

nak tulis pe nih..

awal2 pgi tadi dapat berita my MIL pitam...
belum ler jatuh lagi
but going to..

quite worried bout her...
i'm guessing she is not feeling well due to
taking care of Afi while i'm not around recently..
2 malam soheh tido tak cukup
terpaksa melayan si kecik tuh...

tried to talk to Hn about sending Afi to our neighbour..
well she did mention that they are willing to take care of Afi..
waysss before i delivered..
but Hn tak mo awal2 tuh sebab risau kot
budak2 yang dijaga oleh our neighbour 'buat' Afi..
aku turutkan jer awal tuh..
but now since MIL is not feeling well...
kot kalau tetiba she fainted ke apa ker
and nobody is around except for Afi
camner tuh..
(bukan minta tapi things happen kan)

so when i told Hn the idea...
the good thing is he told MIL about it...
dah sah2 ler orang tua tu tak kasik..
bukan aku tak percaya mak nak jaga Afi...
tapi is possible aku taknak ler dengar mak sakit
while she is taking care of Afi..

but then
since both of them berkeras dont want to send Afi
to our neighbour..
so i'm not going to say anything anymore...

am praying for the best..

note: am not in a good mood.. its hard for me to even smile nowadays..
i'm hurt inside... but no one knows why...
am hoping that this feeling will go away..
and i'm going to smile again

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