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May 11, 2009

her moments...

first of all nak wish congrats to Sarah..
sebab dah selamat deliver her baby boy..

so now i guess...
she is at home.... resting...

and enjoying her..
very moments of being a mother..

me on the other hand..
cant wait for my baby boy to come out...
but at the same time..
am feeling not prepared yet...



  1. iena..I am freaking out, ok....pasni kita la pulak...btw..I dh dpt my 2 weeks unpaid leave..

  2. waaa dah bercuti ler kamu ek...

    iena masih ke sekolah..
    tapi cam ok tak ok jer..
    siap dah booking bilik nilam..
    sebab dah malas n berat sangat nak gerak dari one class to another..
    cant wait for next week sebab exam week...

    then pastu baru nak pk nak amik cuti or not