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May 09, 2009

35 sudah...

Now that D-day (that's delivery day) is sneaking up on you, you may start to get nervous about what a literal pain in the you-know-what it'll be. But instead of focusing on the "ouch!" of it all, focus on the "oooh!" of it: meeting your baby for the very first time.
What You're Thinking:"Should I bring my cute bathrobe to the hospital with the matching furry slippers or is that just crazy talk?"

My Body

  • As Patrick Swayze put it, "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" Doubly true for your little tenant. Your baby has pretty much taken over your entire torso by now. Over the past few months, he's squished and mushed all of your organs out of the way. Any day now, he'll make a final move and shove your heart up and to the left to make more room for himself. (See, he's got your heart in his hands already.)

  • Before all this pregnancy stuff, your uterus was a small ball the size of your fist and was tucked neatly away behind your pelvis. Today your uterus is the size of a small watermelon and reaches all the way up to your ribs.

  • At this point in your pregnancy all the blood has gone to your belly ... literally. Nearly 1/6 of your body's total blood volume is chugging around in the vessels in your uterus. So that's why you feel so lightheaded all the time!

  • Starting this week you'll visit your OB or midwife weekly. Every time you go you'll probably beg her to tell you when she thinks your babe is coming. Unfortunately, her guess is about as good as yours. Even if you're dilated, there's no telling exactly when baby will make his appearance (unless you have a scheduled C-section, of course.)

Our Baby

This week the final touches are being added to your mini-masterpiece and most of his development is going to packing on the pounds. While baby's movements may be becoming less jerky, he may do his final somersault in the womb soon—to put himself into the head-down position for birth. Other fascinating facts:

  • Your little Karate Kid can't quite pack the punch he used to due to the limited space inside the womb these days. You're likely to feel more wiggles, stretches and rolls than kicks and jabs. The extra layer of fat your baby is adding will create those cute dimples on your baby's elbows and knees. His liver has begun processing his waste products, so you know which organ to thank when he has his first blowout up the back of his onesie.

  • Baby's nails are growing so long they may curl over the tips of his tiny fingers and toes before he sees a pair of clippers. He'll be in serious need of a mani-pedi once he's born (as will you).

  • Your baby is now about 5 1/2 pounds and over 18 inches long—about the size of one of those price-club sheet cakes.

Your Life

  • If you're not just a little bit scared of the pain that occurs during labor and delivery, then you're either very brave or totally in denial. For those who are scared, it's completely normal, but keep in mind that you are not the first woman to give birth. It may not seem like it, but women have actually been delivering babies for centuries (many without pain medication—who knew?!). The best way to get a grip on the fear of the unknown is to educate yourself about the labor process and to research your options.

  • Spending some time talking to other women who have been there could ease your fears. Give most women a couple of weeks with their little babies, and none of them will even recall the pain.

  • Study up on when to head to the hospital or birthing center. If you get there too early, the hospital could send you home, and that would be a serious bummer.

  • Plan your route to the hospital. We know you already know how to get there, but come up with an alternative in case of traffic jams or construction. The last thing you want to be worrying about then is whether or not your exit is closed.
all this were taken from ParentConnect.com
just a memory of my 35 week..

how time flies..

dan sekarang..
aku risau.. aku takut.. aku gembira.. aku tak sabar.. 
semuanya ada..


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