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January 13, 2009

owh dear..

i've reached home around 2 something...
but till now i haven't took my bath yet..

because Hn n his friend is busy installing the water heater...
and something else too at twin's room..
so here i am at ruang makan...
blog surfing n web surfing..

later this evening..
i'm going back to school for the sport house practise..
adehhhh letih badan den gini...

esok punya jadual lagi happening..
sekolah 745 until 105..
sambung dengan akt ko-kurikulum 105-245..
then 245 kami ada ko-k punya first meeting (teachers only)..

then dont know kul baper abis..
petang sambung lagi latihan rumah sukan...
sampai kul 6...

so that's about it..
for my sch act for today n tomorrow..
i think they are already done with their work..
so i need to go n take my bath n pray..
n then rest..

back to school..


  1. padatnyer jadual..klu ena dh tak terlarat bdn nak buat keja..

    keja2 jgk tapi bdn kena jg gak :D

  2. haha thanks ena for the advice..
    tulah yang heran tuh kat office boleh jer nak buat semua benda..
    bila balik umah harus flat...

  3. ala.. cianye ina.. take care ye.. nk wat cmne da kje kan