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December 20, 2008

What your baby looks like -- 15 weeks

it's fun seeing how the baby develop from day to day...
i'm hoping for the best for this one..
and the same goes to my dearest twin..

at Babycenter they suggested several activities according to your pregnancy week.. 
so this week..

This Week's Activity:

Talk to your baby. It's a great way to start the bonding process. If having an actual conversation seems odd to you, narrate your activities; read a book, magazine, or newspaper; or share your secret wishes for your child. This is great practice for after your baby's born. Talking to babies is one of the best ways to help them develop language skills

sekarang nih si kakak suka nooo ..
dok berlanding di perut aku..
dok dengar baby cakap dia kata..
so semalam aku tanyalah "baby cakap apa kakak"
she answered "baby dah tido, tak cakap pun"

love the moments..
nisa jarang nak buat camtuh..

hopefully dorang akan jadi kakak yang baik kelak..


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