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October 30, 2008


waa dah lama tak update..
been invigilating the final exam now..
so less time spend at my own table..
so meaning less time spend with my laptop..

so far..
i'm trying my very best to adapt to it..
adoiii to be honest..
i hope the morning sickness will soon be gone..
tapi kan bila lagi nak rasa cam gini..
time pregnant jer..

last tuesday..
had my first visit to the clinic..
they confirmed that i'm 7 week pregnant now..
yg lain..
too early to be tell...
nanti2lah kalau ada kesempatan aku blogkkan lagi....

for the time being nak terjah ke blog kawan2 dulu..
dah lama tak melawat dorang..


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  2. wahh kak iena..pregnant yerr...dh nk masuk 3org la kan...bestnyer..

  3. take care ok sis ... kami nk tgk COBRA sabtu nie .. abg zam ajak ... he..he.. ;-)

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